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Langston Hughes in
I Sing the Rising Sea

"This allows Anthony Mark Stockard, the head of the theatre department at Norfolk State University, to sing 'Lonesome Weary Blues,' the song that got the best audience response."

Mal Vincent

- The Virginian-Pilot -

Resume available upon request.



"Jerome is the hardened, 18-year-old misfit played by Mr. Stockard. His swagger -- miles away from the sashaying impudence Mr. Stockard displays as Shondrika, the class vixen -- masks a clever mind and a yearning heart."

Sylviane Gold

- The New York Times -

"But the truly bravura performances are by...and Anthony Mark Stockard. Each portrays multiple characters of varying gender, ethnicity, accents and ages in the blink of an eye, and many of these characters are very, very funny."

Frank Rizzo

- The Hartford Courant -


Pee Wee in
The Parchman Hour

"Just as remarkably,
Anthony Mark Stockard lends a newly intimate and dramatic touch to Bob Dylan’s 'The Times They Are A-Changing'."

Mal Vincent

- The Virginian-Pilot -


Jerome, Jose, Shondrika, Chris and Mr. Johnson in
No Child...

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